St Edmund’s LGB Governance Details

(to be reviewed in conjunction with Wyvern LGB Governance Details)

Name Appointment Date Term of Office Governor Type and Appointing Body Meeting Attendance Record 2017-18


Name and Description of Business Interest 2017 Nature of Business When started Family Interest
Nicola Bull N/A N/A Ex Officio 8/8 Employed by MLP Education
Kelvin Inglis 31/12/2017 4 years Foundation (MLP Trust/SDBE) 6/6 No relevant interests
Linda Knapp


01/06/2016 4 years Foundation (MLP Trust/SDBE) 8/8 Parochial Church Council – member

Salisbury Deanery Synod – member




Barry Lewis 06/09/2017 4 years Foundation (MLP Trust/SDBE) 8/8 CU Pension Scheme – trustee Pension Scheme 2007
Emma Mabey 06/09/2017 4 years Trustee Appointed (MLP Trust) 7/8 No relevant interests
Claire Reavill




4 years Trustee Appointed (MLP Trust) 8/8 RA Centre for Personal Development – employee


Forces Pension Society – council member

Charity Training Provider






Martyn Jones



(term expired 02/09/18)


4 years Academy Members 7/8 No relevant interests
Helen Adams 01/09/2014

(term expired 01/09/18)

4 years Parent election 4/8
Emma Adams 01/09/2014

(term expired 01/09/18)

4 years Parent election 5/7 Adams Properties – shareholder Property 2013        –
John Squire



Resigned 29/03/2018

4 years Diocese 4/6 University of Bristol – honorary scientist

Imperial College London


PCC – member

Salisbury Deanery Synod -member



Visiting Professor









St Edmund’s -teacher
Jo Broom



Resigned 26/02/2018

4 years Diocese 0/5 Salisbury City Council – councillor





The role of the Local Governing Body is to:

  • Enable strong leadership in teaching and learning within the school by providing support and challenge to the leadership team within the context of the MLP Strategic Plan in so far as it relates directly to the individual academy and its School Development Plan.
  • Promote the individual ethos and values of the academy and the wider ethos of the Trust within the local community
  • Monitor and evaluate school performance against agreed targets
  • Provide oversight, monitoring and challenge of the academy budget
  • Set up, approve and review LGB working groups and their terms of reference
  • Act as a conduit for concerns, recommendations and sharing success between the local community and the Trust
  • Sit on panels for the recruitment of staff (in the case of recruitment of a Headteacher in conjunction with the Exec Headteacher and a member of the Trust Board)
  • Sit on panels to support the Headteacher in making decisions on exclusions, disciplinary and grievance issues,
  • Along with a member of the Trust Board and the Exec Headteacher, the LGB Chair will support the Headteacher during an Ofsted inspection and for Church Schools during a SIAMs inspection
  • The LGB Chair will support the designated lead safeguarding officer in the event of any safeguarding disclosure and provide support in ensuring that safeguarding policy is adequate and observed within the school, including carrying out internal audits.

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