Links with Churches in Salisbury

1St Edmund’s has a special link with the Church of St Thomas and St Edmund in the heart of the city of Salisbury. The parish was formed in 1973 by the joining of the 2 city Parishes of St Edmund’s and St Thomas’s when the old church of St Edmund was made redundant and became the Salisbury Arts Centre.




Our Annual Carol Service is held at St Thomas’s Church


The annual School Carol Service, a high point in the school year, is led by Canon Rev’d Kelvin Inglis, Rector of the church.


4St Edmund’s Girls’ School is in the parish of Salisbury St Mark and Laverstock St Andrew. The small church of St Andrew’s in Laverstock is our nearest church, and the larger Church of St Mark is next to St Mark’s roundabout in Salisbury.

Rev’d Jim Findlay, Vicar (pictured right) has been instrumental in introducing lay chaplains at St Edmund’s School, who have been valued members of the school community for some years.