Year 6 Transition due to Covid-19

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Mrs K Kantolinna

Year 6 Transition    

My name is Katherine Kantolinna and I am Head of Year 7 and lead on Year 6 to Year 7 Transition.

We are really looking forward to meeting the children, and we are delighted that you have chosen us as your secondary school.

Due to Covid-19, the world has changed for everyone, and we are no different.  We would have loved to have given each child the opportunity to visit us in Term 6 to enjoy the usual Transition experience. There would have been opportunities to familiarise the children with the other new students, the staff and the surroundings.  However, with regret we have to change how we welcome new Year 7 students into our school in light of strict Government guidance over safety, as I’m sure you’ll fully appreciate.

So, we are having to adapt how we welcome Year 7s in.  Our main method for communication will be the Year 6 Transition links on both the Wyvern College and the St Edmund’s websites. The Year 6 Transition links will be identical on both websites.  We aim to provide all the information that students and parents need to be as prepared as possible for the new academic year.  Please do keep checking the websites as there will be frequent updates. We would recommend you check in on Fridays.

We plan to have a comprehensive range of information that will include fun, familiarisation activities such as a website quiz, to help learn the basics about our school. There will be short videos of the new tutors and key staff.  We will also include practical help such as  maps of the school, timings of the day and uniform.

You may be interested to know that there will be just under 300 boys and girls, in ten tutor groups coming from 48 different primary schools! During May 2020 we spoke to the Year 6 teachers about every single child that is coming here.  The conversations have given us invaluable insights into each child’s strengths, interests and areas where they need support.  This information will help us with assigning tutor groups and creating teaching groups.  The information will also be highly valuable for staff to plan effectively.  We will advise you of tutor groups and teaching groups in due course.

We are all too aware of how uncertain things are due to the corona outbreak.  However, we are doing our utmost to ensure you feel fully welcomed into the school.  In particular, we are currently adapting our plans to give Year 7 a day on their own in Term 1 to help them settle in.

We look forward to seeing you soon and please remember to check back here for updates.

Mrs Kantolinna


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