Able and Gifted

‘Able, Gifted and Talented’

English AG&T girls participating in a workshop with author Rachel Ward

This is the term used to describe children who have the potential to develop significantly beyond what is expected for their age.

The criteria for placement on our AG&T register includes:

  • 6 or more predicted A/A* grades at GCSE (through teacher assessment and FFT data);
  • a mean score of 125 and over in the CATs (Cognitive Ability Tests taken in Year 7)
    Please seethe school’s AG&T policy for more information (at foot of page).

Each subject also has their own subject specific register for girls not on the main register but who have shown particular talents or abilities in that field.

When placed on the AG&T register, each student will complete a comprehensive questionnaire, from which we can discover:

  • more about her ambitions and aspirations;
  • her views and attitudes towards each of her subjects;
  • her preferred learning styles.

Each department has designed their own schemes of work to extend the most able pupils in lessons and to set these girls additional challenges.


AG&T Maths day at Bath University

After each termly STAR report, each AG&T student’s achievement and progress is analysed to ensure that she is working at the appropriate level.  Intervention, mentoring and support will be offered to those who may need it.

Parents are encouraged to attend parents’ evenings to discuss the progress and attainment of their daughter with the AG&T Co-ordinator

Outside the classroom we have a full programme of activities and initiatives to support and extend our AG&T girls.  Some initiatives are aimed exclusively at those girls on the register, but the majority will also include significantly more of our other more able girls. Girls are supported not only in the short term but by looking longer term towards further and higher education.

Recent university initiatives have included:

  • mentoring programmes run by Oxford University (Merton College);
  • visits to Portsmouth University;
  • taster days at Winchester University;
  • ICT / Computer Science workshops at Southampton University;
  • a MFL day at the University of  Southampton;
  • a ‘Maths is Our Future’ day at Bath University;
  • STEM Lego Mindstorm Enrichment.

Winners of our DUX Awards at Southampton University

Recently, our most able girls have had the opportunity to get involved in:

  • workshops run by famous authors;
  • specific after-school Enrichment clubs;
  • the Salisbury Citizenship Roadshow;
  • achieving CREST Awards;
  • the Hampshire Maths Challenge;
  • the Chalke Valley History Festival.

Able and Gifted Policy (PDF)

For further information please contact either Miss Sluman (AGT Co-ordinator: or Mr Adams (Assistant Head: