Guide to Social Networking Sites

Dangers of Social Media Apps

Young people are increasingly using social media apps and often without their parents knowing.  These apps, particularly Snapchat and Instagram, can put your child in danger as well as encourage anti-social behaviour and we would like to offer some guidance for those parents who may not fully understand the dangers of these apps. The age limit set for the majority of these applications is 13 and, even then, under 18s require parental consent to obtain an account.  Therefore, your daughter, if she has an account and is under 13, will have purposefully entered an incorrect date of birth.  We strongly advise that you do not allow your daughter to have these applications if under age, and if they do have an account that you know the passwords and that you check her online activity regularly for her own protection; this also applies to Facebook. We also strongly recommend that phones and iPads are not used in isolation (e.g. in your child’s bedroom) and that, at least an hour before bedtime, all electronic devices are left and charged elsewhere (e.g. the kitchen).  As well as the dangers of using these apps, electronic devices are proven to interfere with sleep patterns and, from an educational point of view, we would prefer that your daughters were reading every night before bed instead. Please see the links below for further information on what you need to know as a parent about these apps:

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