Useful Links

Alcohol and Drugs     Guide for parents.     Help for prevention.    National drugs helpline.    Helpline for teens who drink or use drugs and all those who love them.

Bullying    Advice for parents, pupils and schools.    Advice website for young people and parents.    “Don’t Suffer In Silence”, Department of Education site..    Help and advice for children and parents.    Info and advice on the effects of alcohol.Kidscape is the only national charity teaching children how to keep safe before they become victims. Practical advice for parents on bullying and keeping them safe.

Education    BBC interactive learning site    Help for parents under 19yrs returning to education.    History on-line    Pupils, parents and teachers national curriculum site.

Health Topics    Advice and support on eating disorders.    Family and friends support and advice of lesbian and gay people.    Family planning and sexual health advice.    National Children’s Bureau website. Provides information on young people and self harming    Advice and support on sexual abuse/rape.    Supporting young people aged 12-18 years old after the death of someone close. Helpline 0808 808 1677.    Offers support and advice dealing with feelings, emotions, self harming.

Parents Support    On line parenting magazine.    Support for lone parents.    Work with families to help break the cycle of destructive behaviour.