Curie House

Curie house is named after Marie Curie, the founder of the Radioactivity theory. This discovery made her a pioneer for several different treatments related to the prevention and solution to many cancers. Her strong determination in the field of Science and her tenacity to never give up epitomises the Curie house ethos.

Marie Curie house is a supportive and inclusive team that nurture one another in their pursuit to success. One such example of this is the Curie reading buddies scheme, which sees year 10 students buddied with year 7’s to improve literacy skills and make friends with their peers. This scheme is hugely popular since its commencement in 2013 and often students can be seen reading on the field during the time of reflection.

Within Curie house, we are passionate about helping charities. This is why we have made significant contributions towards school charities and enjoy taking lead in events such as summer fates and Christmas Fair’s. One particular achievement was the attendance of ‘The Big Saturday’ which sees students working collaboratively with St Paul’s church to help those in need within the local community.