Nightingale House

Nightingale House we believe epitomises the beliefs of its namesake Florence Nightingale. Florence was a great believer in respect. In the 1840s the nursing profession was not considered to be respectable and her parents were horrified when she wanted to become a nurse. Through Florence influence the nursing profession became a respectable and honourable profession. During her quest to make nursing respectable Florence showed great resilience. Disease was rife within hospital wards and Florence instilled in her nurses that they needed to show resilience and practice basic hygiene if they were to help their soldiers live rather than die from their wounds. Florence also believed that she alone was responsible for all her patience often working around the clock to ensure they were comfortable and as pain free as possible. With Respect, Resilience and Responsibility being the general school standards, the tutors and students of Nightingale rise to any challenge given to them and aspire to be like Florence.

We are particularly proud of our charity work, collecting for the main school charities through our annual Christmas card and Candy cane delivery service for all tutor groups, Nightingale nets, and change given by students for mosquito nets for high risk malaria areas. Cake sales, Henna tattoos and decorative nails. Nightingale is also very competitive, always up to the challenges of inter form and sports days. With Nightingale students being in the top three positions over the last 5 years.IMG_0040