School Charities

Charity – a record breaking year at St Edmund’s.

Respect – Responsibility – Resilience

Charity work is at the heart of St Edmund’s with a high value placed on raising awareness and funds by all members of the school community.  Students demonstrate a strong commitment to planning and organising events.  They also use their imagination to come up with new ideas to involve the school community in fund raising.

Each year in January students nominate a local, national and international charity to support. Copy of BeFunky Collage

Last year we supported the Star Appeal at Salisbury District Hospital who raising funds for the new Breast Cancer Unit.  We supported Teenage Cancer Trust as our national charity and KidsRights as our international charity.    

We are so proud of our students for raising a record breaking £13,002.15.

Students also decided how to allocate the total between our charities.  We have been pleased to send cheques for the following amounts to our three charities.

Stars Appeal – Breast Cancer Unit:   £4,728.05

Teenage Cancer Trust:   £5,437.25

KidsRights:     £2,836.85

Stars Appeal have informed the school that with this cheques students have, since 2008, raised over £13,000 for their appeal.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the amazing cheque for £4,728.05 towards Salisbury’s first Breast Unit which we received today!
This total does not include various other fundraising efforts throughout the year for example; Children in Need, the Garrett House appeal for ‘Garrett Goats’ and the Frank House ‘Feed a Family’ for Oxfam.  We also have regular food bank collections for the Trussell Trust which the school has strong connections with.
Charities for 2016 – Students have chosen to support these charities during 2016.