Student Leadership and Student Voice

Student Leadership at St Edmund’s

Student Leadership is a valued and integral part of life at St Edmund’s.  Students have a range of opportunities to develop their leadership skills either within the curriculum, in sporting and enrichment activities or when applying for formal leadership roles. We are immensely proud of the high standard of leadership and responsibility demonstrated by our students. Our core values or respect, responsibility and resilience were selected by student voice.  These values permeate all aspects of our daily school life.

St Edmund’s is a PiXl Edge school which means we support students to complete ‘The Edge’ programme that works on developing key attributes recognised by employers as required for success, leadership being a key one.

Cre8iveStudios-5902Each tutor group has a tutor captain and sports captain voted by the tutor group.  They take responsibility for the day to day tasks supporting the tutor.  Each tutor group also has two student voice representatives that are selected through an application and interview process led by year 11 senior student leaders.


Key Stage 3 Leadership

Cre8iveStudios-6076In year 8, students can apply to be a member of the KS3 senior girl team in year 9.  This team is led by the KS3 Senior Girl and her two deputies.  Their main responsibility is to chair the three KS3 year group councils which meet every fortnight.  They record their meetings and feedback at a fortnightly meeting with the Assistant Head responsible for student voice.  In turn they feedback responses to the student voice representatives who update their tutor groups in their fortnightly tutor time session dedicated to student voice.  In addition the team also comprises of 12 student ambassadors who represent the school at events and subject consultation evenings and lead on charity activities.  Alongside these there is also a team of 12 pastoral prefects who support the Learning Support team in enabling all students to access curriculum and enrichment activities.

Key Stage 4 Leadership

ICopy of Cre8iveStudios-5849n year 10 students can apply to be part of the year 11 senior student leadership team.  This team is led by the Head Girl and her two deputies.  They play a significant role in representing the school at key events and consulting with staff at all levels on matters of school improvement.  The Head Girl liaises with and supports the KS3 team.  The girls meet weekly with a member of the senior team.  The Head Girl leads a team of twelve House Captains who are appointed by student panels in each house.  Part of their role is to organise student voice in years 10 and 11 and to feedback to the senior team.  They act as ambassadors for their houses and lead on collective worship, tutor time activities and charity events.  In addition there is a team of 24 senior student ambassadors who perform duties at lunchtime on a rotation and a team of 24 senior pastoral prefects who provide invaluable support to vulnerable students, working alongside our SEND and pastoral teams.

Students eagerly apply for roles of responsibility within the school and are eager to make a contribution both in and out of school.  This is evident from the significant number of applications received every year when the application process is opened.  Student leadership allows students to feel part of the ongoing process of improvement and development within the school.  Their leadership ensures that our student voice is effective in ensuring all students can have their say and affect real and significant change.  We also feel strongly that this is an essential part of the preparation for life after St Edmund’s.