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To apply:

  • A letter addressed to Ms Busby – maximum 1 side A4 (if word processed font should be no smaller than 11). This should be emailed or handed to Mrs Slack by the stated deadline
  • Email Mrs Slack your Efolio/Pixl edge evidence if you have it.  Do not worry if it is incomplete, we expect it to be at this stage.
  • Include any other evidence that may support your application.
  • Ask your tutor to complete a reference for you.
  • You may ask another member of staff of your choice to complete a second reference for you.

In your letter of application:

  • Indicate which role/s you are applying for.
  • Explain why you are applying.
  • Include any evidence of prior responsibility/commitment.
  • Explain what attributes you have or are willing to develop to be successful in the role.
  • Include any ideas you have about improving the school.


  • Speak to a current pink shirt about their experience and what the expectations are.
  • Draft your letter first then leave it for a day or two.
  • Proof read your letter and ask someone else to do it for you.
  • Check the deadlines carefully.

Specific roles:

Student Ambassadors – work closely with the house leaders and the KS3 team to represent the school, plan and support events.

Pastoral Prefects – work with Ms Rideout and the Pink Room team in supporting students.

The process – for each role you will at least have an interview but for some roles you may have to complete a group task and or make a brief presentation.  More to follow on this.

The student leadership of the school is highly valued and makes a significant contribution to its ethos and continuing improvement.

Please don’t be influenced by what others student may do or not do.  Think for yourself and take responsibility for developing yourself and your skills for the future.  It is a risk, you may or may not be successful but either way you will learn something.

Why not? Will the class of 2013 be the most amazing we have seen yet?

Click here for the deadlines for each application:  year-11-student-leadership-2017