Thought for the Week

week we have a ‘Thought for the Week’, a special theme on which our work, worship and daily activity is focused.



Week Beginning 19th June 2017

“No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark”

Warsan Shire – poet


A refugee… is defined as anyone fleeing their home country in fear of persecution because of their race, religion or beliefs.

Some of these refugees will seek asylum (permission to stay in their host country). Most want to get home as soon as it’s safe.




Why is it important to care about peace in other countries? (Think of political and economic reasons as well as moral ones)


To do:

  1. Read this story together as a class
  2. The top questions googled about Syria are here: through these as a class!
  3.  Do the PDF refugee quiz HERE – it’s GREAT! – How much do you know about refugees in Britain?
  4. Play the island game here in a large space, you will need sugar paper or newspaper as islands