Thought for the Week

week we have a ‘Thought for the Week’, a special theme on which our work, worship and daily activity is focused.



Week Beginning 9th September 2017

“It’s like an artist with a clean slate. You just have to paint a new picture. And hopefully a better one.”

Brian Mollere


The beginning of the new school feels like a fresh start. New uniform, new books with clean, blank pages waiting to be filled, new pencil cases and school bags.

As our thought for the week suggests, it is like clean slate for an artist. What happened last year is the past, whatever mistakes we made or regrets we have, the new year gives us the wonderful opportunity of painting a whole new picture for ourselves. This is brings us to responsibility. Our own responsibility for how that picture will look and this will depend on the decisions we make for ourselves.

So this week in reflection, think about and discuss:

-What did you achieve last year that makes you feel proud?

-What do wish you had done differently?

This year – what picture will you paint for yourselves?

  • Will all your relationships be positive and fulfilling?
  • Will you try be kind and to not judge others too quickly or too harshly?
  • Will you accept that you will fail but that you always get to try again?
  • Will you aim to try new things and look for new opportunities?
  • Will you be proud of yourself this time next year?

To do:

Write down and keep safe your list of goals for the coming year. It could one big goal or a list of smaller goals. Put them somewhere you can look at to remind yourself of the picture you want to paint this year.