Severe Weather

Dear Parents and Carers

No doubt you will have seen the forecast for the remainder of the week, which is set to be very cold and we may even have some significant snow fall.  With this in mind, I have taken the decision to allow all students to stay in their tutor rooms at break and lunchtimes this week. I have also asked tutors to remind the girls to dress appropriately for the cold. I would recommend hats, scarves, gloves and warm coats to be worn to and from school but these are to be removed once inside the school building. Weather of this kind makes us all doubly grateful for the new Magill building!

School closure is of course something that we try to avoid but if we do have heavy snowfall then I will take a decision about this before 7.00 a.m. on the morning of any severe weather in order to give you as much advance notice as possible.   The school will only close if we are unable to safeguard our students effectively. This could be because we have concerns about the safety of the school site or because we cannot meet the correct staff to student ratio.

Any decision to close will be made in conjunction with Wyvern College, and we will post a notice on the school website and Twitter, text parents using Call Parent, and update Spire FM.  If weather looks uncertain, please check these sites – and note that if no information is posted or sent out then please assume that the school is open as usual.

Click HERE to see our Severe Weather policy, which gives more information about the procedure.

Thank you for your understanding during this spell of adverse weather.

Nicola Bull – Headteacher