Careers Advice for Parents

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Careers Advice for Parents

Helping young people to decide on their future can seem more of a challenge now than ever. The website, ‘careers advice for parents’ offers information, help, support and advice in the following areas: choosing their career path, specific sources of information and help, exploring the different sectors, choices at 16 or choices at 18, and exploring taking a gap year.

It helps demystify learning and training options, whether you need qualifications explained, to get to grips with what foundation learning means, or need apprenticeships explained. They also cover university options and money matters, distance learning as an option and where to go for help with business start-up training.

They can also help with understanding the job market, understanding skills that employers want most, and explaining work experience options. They provide job search tips and insights into how to do well in applications and interviews. Finally, they offer some strategies for helping young people if they are unemployed, support for starting work and career development strategies once they are in work.

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