Careers Education Programme

Our careers education strategy:

Our context:

At St Edmund’s careers education is viewed as critical to young people’s success in raising their aspirations and ensuring they are able to make the most of every opportunity available to them.

Our passionate belief is that if young people are well informed about the choices available to them this will enable them to make better decisions about their future. We feel an added responsibility as an all-girl secondary school to challenge stereotypes in the work place through the promotion of equality and diversity within our careers education programme.

We are determined that every student will make at least good progress and be inspired to achieve.

Wider context:

Changes in the labour market locally, nationally and globally, driven by technological development and increasing globalisation means there are greater challenges and opportunities for young people entering the labour market.

We aim to ensure every student is aware of the realities of the workplace and is fully prepared for life in modern the world.

The government and Ofsted have recognised the significant impact an outstanding programme of careers guidance and education can have on the outcomes of students both at GCSE level and far beyond.

Youth unemployment is still a challenge, 1.3 million young people will spend at least 6 months NEET, over 2 million young people are underemployed.

Career guidance can help students to prepare for their future – from the next step to the end goal. Guidance offers students a chance to explore their hopes and ideas about what they want in life and to address their options in an outcome-focused way.

Polly Wiggins is our Independent Career Guidance Counsellor who supports the delivery of our strategy.  Please click here for more information on what she provides:


Please click on the link below for further details of our whole school strategy for delivering high quality careers,employability and enterprise education and for our programme of delivery to each year group:


For latest information on careers fairs nationally click here:

Where Can I Go to Get Careers Guidance and Advice?


Mrs Smith (Deputy Headteacher) is our member of the Senior Leadership Team with responsibility for Careers.

Miss Lucas is our Careers Guidance and Post-16 Co-ordinator and is always available for students to drop in and talk through any questions they may have.

Polly Wiggins is our independent Careers Advisor. She comes into school on a regular basis to provide one to one careers guidance interviews with students, workshops, assemblies and support with career events. Students in all year groups have access to full guidance appointments with Polly.  Her diary is kept by Miss Lucas – do please book an appointment with Polly through her.

Mrs Derry is our Careers Librarian. She is based in the Resource Centre where we have a very well stocked library of up to date careers information along with prospectuses for Post-16 colleges and sixth forms, universities and further education establishments. Do please use the library at break and lunchtimes to research any career choices you may be considering. We are very happy to loan books to you for you to take home and involve your parents in any options you are considering.

Advice for Parents