Work Experience


For many years our students have benefitted from a work experience placement undertaken during Year 10. The positive benefits of this experience are clearly visible on students’ return to school – from a greater focus on learning to achieve their aims, increased maturity to informed career choices and a better understanding of what the world of work entails.

Your daughter will be given the same opportunity from 19th-23rd March 2018. She will need to organise her own placement by approaching local employers. Advice and support on how to approach employers will be given during PSHCE lessons and Tutor Time.  Please see deadlines below.

Until now, the cost of organising placements, completion of essential health and safety visits and paperwork has been covered by a Government subsidy. Sadly this has now ceased and we are faced with a £35 charge per placement to ensure your daughter is working in a safe environment. This £34 charge per placement is applicable to organisations within Wiltshire. An additional £30 per placement will be charged for any placements outside Wiltshire.

Unfortunately it is not possible to meet the full expense from school budgets and we are now in the position of asking for a voluntary £26 parental contribution to allow work experience to take place in 2016. The additional charge of £30 for any out of Wiltshire placements is a mandatory charge to be paid for by parents.

Please make payment through your ParentPay account at the time of returning the completed placement form to me. Once you have accessed ParentPay you will see Work Experience on the screen which you need to select and make payment. If you are unable to do this please contact Mrs Williams, the Assistant Business Manager –

Do please contact Miss Sluman, head of PSHCE, if you need any further help or advice on finding a suitable placement for your daughter.



It is the School’s Policy to encourage students to experience a new situation through their work experience. For this reason we do not permit students to seek a placement working with a parent or close relative. We do not recommend students returning to their previous primary/junior school or to seek a placement where they already have a part-time job. It is the responsibility of each student to organise their own placement.

(1) How far can she travel? Think about the cost and ease of travel. Is there a bus? Is a lift possible with a parent? Look at a map of the area and decide what is feasible. REMEMBER – the cost of travel to work is paid for by parents.

(2) Not all jobs are 9 to 5. Students must be prepared to work shift hours in some jobs – e.g. ‘caring’ roles, leisure centres and hotels. Is it possible to get there and back safely early in the morning or late at night? Check the bus times.

(3) There are also limited roles in the Salisbury are for certain categories (including leisure, hair and beauty, graphics and law) so students must be prepared to have another choice ready.

There is an on-line database of employers who have been supportive of work experience in the past and students have been given details of how to access this.

It is the student’s responsibility to contact employers to see if a work placement is possible. Students have received a letter template with can be used or can contact employers by email in an appropriate, business-like format.

Mrs Derry must be kept informed of which placement a student is hoping to secure to avoid duplication of placements. Students must organise a visit to their employer in order to complete the necessary placement forms which are available from Mrs Derry.

Placement forms must be signed by employer, parent and student and returned to Miss Lucas by the deadlines shown below:

Placements in Wiltshire by 20th January

Placements in London  by 18th November

Placements outside of Wiltshire by 9th December

For placements in Wiltshire, a voluntary contribution of £26 is required.

For placements outside of Wiltshire, an additional mandatory £30 must accompany the placement form (via Parent Pay). Please contact Mrs Derry if you require additional information.