Key Stage 3

Dance is studied throughout key stage 3 as part of their Physical Education lessons. Pupils will study a range of professional dance works such as Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker and Swansong by Christopher Bruce. They will acquire and develop their dance technique, performance and choreography skills.

Key Stage 4

GCSE and BTEC Dance are offered in the option block. The courses are mostly practical based. BTEC Dance is coursework based and pupils are assessed on their ability to develop their dance skills and improve their performances. GCSE Dance focusses on a range of performance and choreography tasks which are examined in Year 11. There is also a short written paper based on the professional works studied throughout the course.

GCSE and BTEC dance pupils will also be part of a dance company. fuZe Dance is our Year 10 dance company and Static dance is the name for our Year 9 dance company. The companies will have the opportunity to work with local and national dance professionals, participating in a range of workshops and projects as well as performing in the Salisbury area.


We offer both Contemporary and Street Dance classes as part the enrichment programme. Pupils also have the opportunity to take part in the Arts Award scheme. There are also a variety of dance workshops offered throughout the year and dancers are also involved in the school productions.