Key Stage 3

Drama is studied throughout Key Stage 3, with Year 7 and 8 students receiving one lesson per week and Year 9 students, one lesson per fortnight. As well as developing Drama techniques and performance skills, students work on their critical analysis and creative problem solving. Students enjoy the subject and enjoy devising and performing while improving their communication and group working.

The aim of the department is to introduce students to a wide range of styles and techniques and they study diverse topics such as: Greek Theatre, play texts such as Stone Cold and the Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty, stage combat, Commedia Dell Arte, and realism, storytelling and puppetry. We also hope to encourage a life-long participation in Drama through our curriculum and opportunities to perform in front of live audiences and attend professional theatre productions.

Key Stage 4

Students have the opportunity to pursue Drama further into Key Stage 4.

Drama GCSE is a mixture of practical and theoretical work with the emphasis being on developing performing and/or technical theatre skills such as lighting or sound design. Students take part in assessed performances, which they document in portfolios which then inform their final written exam. GCSE Drama students watch a range of live performances as part of their studies as well as getting the chance to work with professional companies in drama workshops.


Enrichment activities are varied, with opportunities offered to students to perform, both in school productions (Hairspray 2013) and in festivals such as the Shakespeare festival. Drama clubs run as part of the Enrichment Programme and offer students to develop their interest further through performances and opportunities to watch live theatre. We have a close working relationship with Salisbury Playhouse and students take part in a number of activities offered by the theatre to schools.

Drama Blog

The Drama Department Blog provides students and parents to access homework, absentee and extension tasks, find out how Drama is assessed and look at ways to improve their work as well as finding out more about Drama opportunities and the excellent work done by our students.

Click here to find out more: http://dramasteds.blogspot.co.uk/