Modern Languages

We are strongly committed to encouraging modern language study for all, recognising the importance of both language learning and the awareness of other cultures as important contributions to Global Citizenship.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7 all students study either French or Spanish.

In Year 8 students continue studying either French or Spanish and current Year 8 top groups also study either French or Spanish as a second language.

In Year 9 students continue studying the languages from Year 8.

Key Stage 4

Realising the importance of having a qualification in Modern Foreign Languages, many students continue to study one or two languages at GCSE level. We currently follow the OCR GCSE course in French, German (current Year 11 only) and Spanish.  The course covers a range of contexts that relate to typical personal and leisure purposes as well as everyday situations.


The department has a computer suite.  We use commercially produced software specifically for use with interactive whiteboards and staff also produce their own customised materials.  We use Studio, Logo and Viva, which are supplemented with both commercially produced and ‘in-house’ material.