Key Stage 3

Science follows the National Curriculum which is aimed to develop practical skills and foster a keen interest and wonder in Science.  At the start of Key Stage 3 students will study the ‘Launch into Science’ topic, which covers health and safety, science equipment and basic science concepts in biology, physics and chemistry.  Students will learn about living cells, circuits, separation techniques, particle theory and space.  Biology topics studied include Variation, Microbes, Bodyworks, Digestion, Movement and Photosynthesis.  In Chemistry students study Indicators, Atoms and Elements, Compounds and Molecules, the Rock Cycle and Chemical Change.  In Physics the topics studied include Forces, Energy, Heat Transfer, Machines, Sound and Controlling Electricity.

Key Stage 4

Courses at Key Stage 4 aim to equip students with the knowledge, skills and interest in science to lead responsible lives and make informed decisions  as well as gain the qualifications necessary for further study. We offer a range of GCSEs: Core Science, Additional Science, Additional Applied Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry AQA exam board.  A very pleasing percentage of students (approximately 30% of each cohort) choose to study all three sciences at GCSE.


Enrichment activities include visits to Science parks, a local farm and a range of environmental work. The department has good links with primary schools and with the schools and colleges chosen by our students for study post 16.