Staff List

If you wish to discuss any matter relating to your child’s academic progress or pastoral well being please contact your child’s tutor.

Senior Leadership Team

Mr B Burley

Head of School

Mrs C Smith

Deputy Headteacher

Mr J Adams

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs J Bellamy

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs K Evans

Assistant Headteacher

Mr M Hunt

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs R Lee

Assistant Headteacher

Mr N Martin

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs R Ure

Operations Manager

Safeguarding/Child Protection
Safeguarding Lead Mr B Burley
Deputy Safeguarding Lead Mrs L Milner
Tutors 2020 – 21
7ACO Mr A Core
7AOS Miss A Osben
7BMA Mr B Manalang
7HCL Ms H Clark
7JDO Mr J Donson
7JHI Mrs J Hibbert
7JWR Mrs J Wright
7LEV Miss L Evans
7LTR Ms L Treagust
7MBA Miss M Baker
8BDA Mr B Dando
8DMA Ms D March
8EEN Mr E England
8ELO Miss E Lockwood
8ERE Ms E Rew
8JSN Miss J Snook
8KFR Mrs K French
8LAL Mrs L Allwright
8RDE Ms R Dewar
8SHU Mrs S Hunter
9CBR Mr C Briggs
9CSH Mrs C Sherwood
Mr P Anderson
9CTA Mrs C Tailby
Mrs P Martin
9CWE Mrs C Webb
9ENO Mrs E Noble
9HAD Ms H Adkins
9PCU Mr P Cutts
9SNE Mrs S Newman
Mrs E Richie
9WGR Mr W Gregson
10RMA Mr R Mansfield
10CTY Ms C Taylor
10DBY Mr D Byrne
10JHA Mrs J Harris
10JHP Mrs J Hill-Parker
10JLE Mr J Lewis 
10JVI Mr J Vincent
10RMI Miss R Milward
10SPO Mrs S Powlesland
10SSA Mrs S Sanderson
Mrs R Lord
11ALU Mr A Lucas
11ASA Miss A Saunders
11CLO Mrs C Loader
11CMA Mr C Mathers
11JPR Mrs J Proctor
11JVA Mrs J Vaughan
11LBE Mrs L Bennion
11MQU Mrs M Quelch
11RWE Miss B Webb
Year Group Head of Year   Deputy Head of Year  
Year 7 Mrs K Kantolinna Mrs E Stavely
Mrs N Burke
Year 8 Mrs S Hayakawa Mrs J Duncombe
Year 9 Mr B Elliott Miss B Howgill
Year 10 Miss N Clark Miss A Simpkins
Year 11 Mr G Newell Mr J Usherwood
Subject Leaders
Art Miss A Saunders
Computer Science Mr A Core
Dance Miss E Lockwood
Design & Technology Ms A Osben
English Mrs R Lee
Geography Miss R Milward
History Mr E England
Maths Mrs V Brooks
Mindfulness Mr P Anderson
Modern Foreign Languages Miss S Hunter
Music Mrs E Ritchie
PE Miss H Adkins
Health & Social Care Mrs S Rideout
Religious Studies Mrs J Vaughan
Science Mr P Cutts
Other Contacts
Admissions Mrs L Lodge

Attendance Mr M Hunt
Child Protection/Safeguarding Mrs L Milner
Enrichment Mrs T Parry
Exams Mrs G Moody
Governors Mrs C Sawyer – Clerk
Office Manager Mrs A Burns
Site Manager Mrs A Burns
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Miss S Rideout
Trips Mrs E Wells

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