Collective Worship


Collective Worship is an important and highly valued part of life at St Edmund’s.  All students have the opportunity for a weekly formal act of worship which allows student’s time for reflection on the themes, ideas and issues presented to them.  It is used to reinforce the Christian values and ethos of the school.

Each week a thought for the week is presented to students in tutor time which leads to discussion and reflection.  As part of the tutorial curriculum students also have regular opportunities to reflect on social, moral, spiritual and cultural issues that affect them and the world they live in. For example they are encouraged to suggest and discuss global issues in their World View session.

The impact of collective worship on the school community was judged to be outstanding in our Church of England inspection.  The inspector reported:
‘Collective worship, which takes place in a variety of forms and contexts, is highly valued within the
school community. It is planned and led by a variety of people, including clergy and other Christians
from local churches offering a variety of approaches. It takes place in large groupings in formal
settings and also with less formality in tutor groups. Students enjoy the opportunities they have to
take responsibility for aspects of leadership in all these contexts. They also appreciate the fact that
they can contribute ideas for the ‘thought for the week’ planning and they speak with enthusiasm
about the themes addressed. These themes inspire personal reflection and have a very positive
impact on relationships and behaviour as well as motivating a great deal of social and charitable action.
A regular focus of the tutor group worship sessions is ‘world view’. Students value this highly.’

Our Collective Worship policy can be viewed HERE.

For more information about weekly collective worship topics, please contact Mrs Caroline Smith, Deputy Headteacher: