Each one of you has a special gift from God. Use it to serve others well.’ 1 Peter 4:10

Our school vision is for every student to be able to become the best version of themselves they can be.  At Wyvern St Edmund’s we firmly believe in educating the whole child and we are proud of the wide range of opportunities we are able to offer to support each student’s personal development. Our after school enrichment programme is a key part of this. Our aim is for every student to participate in at least one enrichment club per term and to have the opportunity to discover and/or develop a passion or talent beyond the classroom. We want every student to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities we provide.

We are delighted to be able to share with you our planned enrichment programme for Autumn 2020. Although we realise that the return to school for all students holds uncertainties at this time, we are hopeful that a ‘new normal’ will be established soon. To that end, in line with the new government guidance allowing wraparound care in schools, we have planned for a normal programme of enrichment clubs and activities to run from September.

Please rest assured that all safety guidance for the re-opening of schools will be adhered to in after school clubs, as it will be during the normal school day. Sporting enrichments will be adapted and will still provide your child with well-rounded knowledge in preparation for future competitions or to introduce them to new skills. In the event of new guidance we will notify you of further changes or adaptations relevant to your child’s chosen activities as they occur.

All students currently taking part in Squads and Choir will automatically continue to do so for this term unless we are notified otherwise. Please note that the deadline for returns is Thursday 16th July. We apologise for the short turnaround but hope that you appreciate the need to await government guidance about the full opening of schools and all necessary safety measures. As well as the need for us to spend time in the summer planning staffing and groupings to meet new safety guidelines.


Important Parent Information

Before you complete your enrichment choices, please consider the following:

  • If your child needs to be on the school site after 2.50pm we ask that they attend an Enrichment Club or Homework/Games & Film Club. This is to ensure the safety of your child
  • Due to the popularity of our enrichments we often have waiting lists. We ask that if your child is successfully allocated an enrichment they make every effort to attend regularly. If they attend school on the day of their enrichment it is expected that they will attend the club. Registers will be taken and in the event that your child is no longer able to attend regularly we ask that you notify us via email so that their space can be allocated to another student who is on the waiting list
  • If your child is doing a sports or dance club they need to wear their normal school PE or dance kit for that activity
  • If you have been allocated one of the few activities which require payment, please make payment through your Parent Pay account 
  • If your child is entitled to free school meals, they are eligible to one free chargeable activity per term
  • Once your child has been allocated a place on a chargeable activity the payment is non-refundable unless the activity is withdrawn by the school
  • Students currently taking part in Squads and Chamber Choir will automatically continue to do so for this term. However, if you no longer wish to be included in these clubs please email Ms Parry

If you have any concerns about payments or queries please contact Ms Parry, Enrichment Co-ordinator by email: tparry@wyvernsteds.org