The Library
We place a high value on reading because of the benefits to student progress, knowledge and wellbeing. Fostering a lifelong love of reading is an essential element of our vision. Through reading regularly, young people can be transported to other worlds, be exposed to new ideas and develop a rich vocabulary. The benefits to mental health in providing stimulation and reducing stress and anxiety are also widely documented.
Throughout the year we organise different reading challenges.  These range from a group shadowing the Carnegie Medal to a Year 7 elite English group who are studying classic fiction.  Each year we also participate in the Salisbury Schools’ Book Award where students read six shortlisted books and then vote for their favourite.

Two or three visiting authors are invited each year to come and conduct creative writing workshops and talk to the students.  Authors who have visited to talk about their books and how to write a best-selling novel have included  Echo Freer, CJ Daugherty, Jonathon Stroud and Marcus Sedgwick.

The library, a well-used learning environment, also has a large range of non-fiction books to support the curriculum.  It is a unique mix of serene calmness and buzzing activity with classes, small groups and individual students coming in to study, read, work and reflect.

If there is a particular book that you love and we haven’t got, or a book that you think is a ‘must have’ – email us using this link: and add to our Wish List.