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Email is hosted by Microsoft Office 365.

Your login name is your email address ( and your password is your school login password

When on the site, please check out Onedrive. which gives you 50GB of online storage for free.

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Setting up Office 365 (PDF)

Google internet filtering

Why do I need this?
Important Notice about School Internet Filtering changes – You may need to do something!
Google are changing the way searches and results work.

Until now search requests and the results returned when using the school network have been unencrypted. This means that our filtering partner, RM, can look at and filter out inappropriate requests and results.

Google will force all requests and results to be encrypted so that your searches cannot be read by others. This also means that RM filtering will not work for Google and Youtube searches.

RM have a solution that will allow them to continue to filter results, but it requires an extra certificate (file) to be placed on every device.

All in school computers (Windows and Apple) and school owned iPads will be updated to permit this.

Using your Device in School
If you are bringing a personal device (e.g. smartphone or tablet) into school and connecting it to the school WiFi (STEStudent or STEStaff) then you should download the file to your device.

Please use these instructions and do it now!
Should you choose not to do this, Google searches will still work, and will have Google Safe Search applied, but this is not as comprehensive as RM filtering, and you may see occasional inappropriate images returned in the search results.

Note that this problem only applies to Google searches and results. All other filtering continues to work to protect you.

Note also that no filtering is 100% accurate and it is up to you to act responsibly when searching the internet.

However you use our system, you will be better protected than when using your phone providers network e.g. O2, Vodaphone, EE, and so we encourage you to use our WiFi in school – it’s free.


Windows Phone
Check install

To check your browser(s) to see if the RM SafetyNet Certificate is correctly installed please visit