Remote Learning & Teacher Contact Information

Dear Parents and Carers

Please find attached a letter from my excellent colleagues Rebecca Lee and Matt Hunt regarding how remote learning will operate this term. 

Remote Learning  Letter January 2021

Timetables for live sessions

Year 7 Live Lesson Timetable Week 3 and 4

Year 8 Live Lesson Timetable Week 3 and 4

Year 9 Live Lesson Timetable Week 3 and 4

Year 10 Live Lesson Timetable Week 3 and 4

Year 11 Live Lesson Timetable Week 3 and 4

Rules of Engagement for Live Lessons and Tutor Times

IT Support
Art M Baker
Art C Hudson
Art M Quelch
Art A Saunders
Art J Scott
Computer Science A Core
Dance S Hayakawa
Dance E Lockwood
Design Technology L Bennion
Design Technology A Osben
Design Technology C Tailby
Design Technology J Vincent
Drama W Gregson
Drama C Loader
Drama J Wright
English L Allwright
English N Burke
English H Clark
English J Duncombe
English L Evans
English C Foyle
English J Jackson
English R Lee
English D March
English J Snook
Geography G Alderman
Geography P Anderson
Geography B Dando
Geography A Hoskins
Geography M Hunt
Geography R Milward
History E England
History J Harris
History N Martin
History P Martin
History E Staveley
Maths J Adams
Maths V Brooks
Maths N Clark
Maths K French
Maths J Hill-Parker
Maths J Lewis
Maths T Lucas
Maths B Manalang
Maths A Simpkins
Maths L Treagust
MFL J Bellamy
MFL R Dewar
MFL B Howgill
MFL S Hunter
MFL C Webb
Music D Coggins
Music E Ritchie
PE H Adkins
PE C Briggs
PE D Byrne
PE E Dalton
PE B Elliott
PE J Green
PE G Newell
PE B Webb
PSHE E Noble
RS J Donson
RS K Kantolinna
RS J Vaughan
Science P Cutts
Science S Davies
Science K Evans
Science J Hibbert
Science R Mansfield
Science C Mathers
Science S Melleney
Science S Newman
Science S Powlesland
Science J Proctor
Science E Rew
Science C Taylor
Science J Usherwood
Student Support C Beal
Student Support C Crook
Student Support E Devall
Student Support L Milner
Student Suport SEND S Rideout
Careers A Sluman
General Enquiries