Optional Summer Work 2020

Optional Summer Work 2020 – Step Up Booklets

Dear Student

We hope that you’re as excited as we are about starting or continuing your learning journey at Wyvern St Edmund’s in September. We cannot wait to have you here!

In the meantime, we want you to have a brilliant Summer holiday doing lots of the things you enjoy. It’s really important to have a break, enjoy getting outdoors and see your family and friends if that’s possible.

We thought you might also want to find out what you’ll be learning in September and perhaps you might want to spend some time doing a little bit of work to help get ready for the new academic year at Wyvern St Edmund’s.

We’ve asked your teachers to put together a booklet to help you prepare for September. There’s a booklet for each year group filled with optional tasks that will give you a great foundation for your learning next year but it’s entirely up to you how many of the tasks you do – none, some or lots!

The booklets are labelled with your new year group. So, for example, if you’re a current year 6 who is joining us in year 7 then you will look at the ‘Step Up to Year 7 Summer Booklet’. If you’re a current year 7 then you’ll look at the ‘Step Up to Year 8 Summer Booklet’. Any of the resources mentioned in the booklets are available on this page. 

What is most important is that you get time to relax and have fun. So, there’s no pressure to complete the tasks, but just in case you wanted to do some work, or feel a bit bored over the holidays, these tasks will give you some insight and some extra knowledge about the year ahead at Wyvern St Edmund’s.

Don’t forget to bring any work that you complete in with you on your first day and remember to keep smiling.

See you in September,

The Teachers at Wyvern St Edmund’s

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